A Smart Home OS for your Intelligent Home

A Smart Home OS is the foundation upon which seamlessly build your Intelligent Home.

Multiple Ecosystem Support

A Smart Home OS should work across Ecosystems...

Extensive 3rd Party Product Integration

Lexi began with Smart Lighting and has integrated all the major players lights into the Lexi Platform.

Lexi Does That

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Building & Room Management

Think about it-do you want all the lights in your house to behave the same way? To have the same colors? To turn on and off at the same time or have the same brightness? No way.

What you really want is to be able to set up different rooms with different light configurations and then save that as a setting for your house for example.

Lexi Does That

Multiple User Control

Lexi makes it possible for multiple people within household to control the lights, not just one master mobile app.

And you definitely want functionality like this when the master mobile app is in your pocket out at dinner and your kids are home and want to watch a movie with some matching lighting…

Lexi Does That

Multiple System Control

If you have more than one location with Lexi Lights, you want to be able to control each venue from the same mobile app. And Lexi gives you just that flexibility-just switch Hubs and all the settings of the new location will populate the mobile app.

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Remote Control

Remotely control your lights from anywhere in the world!

Simply select Remote Mode and you can operate all your lights, switches & plugs, not just Lexi lights, but any supported 3rd party products, even those that don’t support remote control themselves!

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Notifications and Alarms

Rules are great, but it’s also nice to know when those rules are being triggered.

Lexi created a robust notification system that can send you messages, both inside the Lexi app, as well as email or text you, about anything going on with your Lexi System.

App or Web Based Control

Run your Intelligent Home from either the Lexi Mobile App or through any browser.

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Know your home. Lexi reporting & analytics will enable you to understand your environment like never before.

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