Lexi provides a robust, highly scalable redundant Video Cloud Platform for Security solutions

A real-time Search Engine for Video Security

LEXI enables any camera to trigger precise real-time alerts based on persistent searches. Any query (e.g. “Fedex trucks in the last 5 days”) becomes a programmatic trigger.

LEXI brings state-of-the-art Machine Learning to modern video monitoring solutions with the efficiency and flexibility of hybrid edge/cloud SaaS.

90% Reduction in False Positives

Adaptive motion filters learn to eliminate scene noise. Automatic closed-loop training continually improves the ranking of important events. Fast search and alerts show the salient highlights quickly.

Cybersecurity for modern IT standards

Remote access is secure with no open inbound network ports, TLS encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy, 256-bit AES encrypted storage, no access credentials on devices, tamper-proof SHA checksums, and continuous health checks backed by dashboards and alerts.

The new standard in Video Security as-a-Service

Unlike products purchased at a single point in time, LEXI continually exploits the latest and greatest advances in Machine Learning and Computer Vision with automatic upgrades and easy interop with other systems. Camio simplifies real-time video monitoring without compromising the specialization and extensibility required for partner solutions.

Always learning — Continuously

New Machine Learning models are deployed as soon as their performance exceeds prior benchmarks.

So regardless of whether it’s an improvement to an existing classifier or the launch of a new specialized classifier, the very best models are filtering and ranking events.

Unlimited storage, unlimited streams

Storage capacity expands as needed to handle any number of video streams. 24x7 video history becomes efficient with LEXI Interest-based Video Compression™ that optimizes the choices of encoding, storage, analysis, and indexing based on what’s happening in the video.

Usage-based pricing

Unlike fixed-price, peak-capacity hardware deployments, LEXI usage-based plans automatically reduce costs by dynamically provisioning compute capacity for the task.

AI for ROI

Not all cameras see the same things or need the same service levels. Artificial Intelligence matches budget to return on investment by knowing what’s important. Query-match indexing uploads instantly only when the event matches a query like “human or vehicles 11pm to 6am.” Full indexing uploads everything—but only after AI filters spurious scene noise.

LEXI’s multi-stage video processing pipeline is uniquely instrumented to deliver the best value.