One key difference between a Smart Home & Intelligent Home is Knowledge + Insights

Lexi Reporting & Analytics provide you with knowledge of what is happening in your environment and the insights to give it context.

Near Real Time to 6 months of Historical Reporting at your fingertips

Drill down reporting across all sensors, plus benchmarking and indices.

Historical Trends

Users can drill into their own data across all reported data points to understand trends in their own environment.

Lexi Does That

Benchmarking & Indices

Lexi provides your users with benchmarks and indices to give them context and understanding of their own data.

Lexi Does That

Comprehensive Drill Downs

Real time motion sensing that can be tied to notifications/alarms that can be sent as internal messages, texts or emails.

Provide users the knowledge to make them better consumers of your products.

Lexi Does That

Automated Alarms

Create automate alarms for any data point tracked by Lexi reporting. Use the Lexi messaging system, or set up text and email notifications.

Lexi Does That