Great lighting can literally
change your world.

It can make you happier, more productive and even healthier. Smart Lighting is the way to achieve Great Lighting that works for the changing needs of your home.

Interoperable with all major Smart Light Systems

Before the advent of Smart Lighting, you never needed to worry about interoperability. Lexi believes that should still be the case, so we integrated all our major competitors lights.

A Wide Variety of Light Types

The average US house has 83 lights. And those come in a dizzying array of light types. The more widely you use it, the more Smart Lighting benefits you will realize.

Lexi can provide a wide variety of light types.

Lexi Does That

Scenes, Patterns, Compositions, & Lightshows

One of Smart Lighting's promises is in the ability to automate the changing of the lights over time. Lexi supports more light configuration types than anyone in the industry.

Lexi Does That

Special Effects

Smart Lighting is unique-it provides both utilitarian functionality as well as artistic. Lexi understands that.

Ambiance-Often Overlooked

Smart Lighting is unparalleled in its ability to create ambiance, a significant happiness generator. Lexi has two patents around ambiance creation.

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