Lexi for Business Same Smart Home OS available for offices, hospitality & multi tenant facilities.

The Lexi platform supports Multiple Locations, Multi-Tiered Users, has built in Reporting & Analytics designed for business and other business focused features.

Built with Businesses in Mind

Businesses have overlapping requirements with Smart Homes, but at the same time have highly specific requirements that diverge from a home owner.

Lexi has built many business specific features, from a an auto-scaling cloud to remote device admin and reporting, we have you covered.

Lexi Does That


Lexi enables you to manage Multiple locations simultaneously from either the mobile app or the web. Location & device management, notifications and building configuration-all can be managed across several locations.

Lexi Does That


Multi-tiered user management is often a critical requirement for administering business accounts, particularly across multiple locations.

Lexi Does That

Admin Tools

Lexi provides a robust suite of administration tools for managing devices in real time, digging into historical data on device usage and behavior and handling alerts and notifications.

Lexi Does That

Web Device Control and End User Emulation

Control devices in any location from a web browser. Emulate an end users configuration.

Lexi Does That

Building & Room Management

Think about it-do you want all the lights in your house to behave the same way? To have the same colors? To turn on and off at the same time or have the same brightness? No way.

What you really want is to be able to set up different rooms with different light configurations and then save that as a setting for your house for example.

Lexi Does That