Edge Computing

An Intelligent Home cannot be run from the Cloud. It needs Edge Computing to manage its growing complexity.

The Lexi Universal Hub can manage the Intelligent Home Today-and Tomorrow.

Our Universal Hub is the most powerful smart home Hub available. Boasting 1GB RAM and 16GB Flash, it has been designed to be able the most complex smart home configurations with ease. It also has the power to run our Machine Learning Algorithms-at the edge.

We call it the Universal Hub because it supports every major smart home wireless protocol including WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Zwave and 900MHz radio. It also sports an Ethernet port along with a USB-C port (for a cellular dongle). Lastly, it's future proof as its upgradeable to Thread & CHiP.

No Hub Support

The Lexi Hub provides unparalleled power, but sometimes, due to customers varying requirements, they would prefer to operate in a Hubless environment. Thats fine - Lexi supports that too. WiFi and Bluetooth devices can be operated directly from the Mobile with the Lexi app acting as a virtual hub. The Lexi Virtual Hub also works with the Lexi Cloud.